Surrogate mother/egg donor

We are hoping you would consider us in our journey to having a baby. We have been married 5 years and our love is stronger than it has ever been. We married in our early 40's after we were settled in our careers and have always felt that a baby would complete our pretty great life. Unfortunately, our attempts have not been successful To date, we have had 10 failed fertility treatments including donor eggs twice. I miscarried once and have never been able to get pregnant due to a lifetime of endometriosis. We have tried so hard to have a baby and just went through a failed adoption in January 2018. Unfortunately 3 days before we were going to pick up our baby girl (Ella) we found out that the birth mother was hooked on heroin and had injected the day the baby was born. We also found out that she had no plans of ever giving up her baby. The path to becoming a mother has really been harder than we could have ever imagined and the recent failed adoption was really devastating to us. Through it all, I know in my heart that I was born to be a mom and that my husband would be such an amazing dad! When you know, you know! We know we can give a baby such a wonderful life! Unfortunately, this has been such a financial burden and we are not sure if surrogacy is even financially feasible for us. We are looking for someone who is willing to help us in achieving our dream of being parents but does not require much compensation. We know it is alot to ask, but if you are out there and this story resonates with you, please message me. Know that we recognize the commitment and sacrifice you would be making. For this, we would be eternally indebted. Thank you for even considering. Tanya and Keith